Pasent Home

Persistent in our desire to provide the people of Novi Sad with only the best, we are designing another residential and business complex that will raise the standard of living and work of its owners and users to a higher level. Thanks to the rich experience and expertise behind projects such as Pupin's Palace, King's Park, Quay Garden Residence and Garden Residence Avenue, we are able to recognize the wishes of our future customers and meet their needs. This time as well, we are inspired and guided by the vision of achieving a clearly defined goal - building a facility that meets the requirements of the client down to the smallest detail! The residential and business complex Pasent home is designed as a building that will consist of three lamellas with an underground garage, and all residential units will have a highly functional layout that will contribute to the maximum use of space. Located at the intersection of Santandrejski put and Partizanska street, close to schools, parks, markets, cafes, bus and train stations, this residential and business complex will provide everything necessary for a meaningful and comfortable life of modern families.